How does the selling price of a furnished house change?

How does the selling price of a furnished house change?

It is clear that  selling a furnished house  has some  advantages : first of all, a furnished apartment can be sold or rented at a  higher price  and secondly, in theory and on equal terms, it is possible  to sell a house faster  if the property is already ready to be inhabited as opposed to an empty one

But how is the value of the furniture of an already furnished house calculated? Also in this case there are no universal rules and the  value of the property is established by the seller .

To give an estimate, on average a  classic piece of furniture  is valued more than the  modern minimal style , naturally unless there are refined and design objects, such as beds with particular shapes and other furnishing accessories made to amaze as well as for the functional aspect.

Even the  rustic style  generally has a high value, due to the precious woods of which rustic furniture is made (such as walnut, ebony, cherry, etc…). Another thing to consider is the quantity and quality of the appliances and other accessories present.

However, it is advisable for the seller not to insist on the obligation to also sell the furniture together with the house. In fact, the buyer may be interested in purchasing the property but not be willing to pay a premium for furniture that he has not chosen and which perhaps is not his taste.

The most suitable attitude, in our opinion, is to  establish a price for the house and a possible additional cost for the furniture . In this case, the buyer will not be forced to buy the furniture, but will perceive the presence of the furniture as an added value, thus favoring the conclusion of the sale.

Many sellers are convinced that those who want  to buy a house  are looking for it  already furnished  and that the buyer is willing to spend more for a furnished apartment. In reality this is often not the case.

Selling an already furnished house is very often an  advantage  for the seller: for example if it is an  inherited property , if he needs to move to a smaller house or if he does not want to bear the costs of a move.